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Bitmap New York Red Blanket
Bitmap New York Red Blanket


Bitmap New York Red Blanket

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The Bitmap New York Red Blanket is part of the Bitmap collection.

A picture taken from the Empire State Building, one of the highest and most emblematic spots in New York, was the starting point for these two blankets. This original pattern is based on the basic points of colour, or pixels, that one observes when zooming in on this image.

Colour is based on the sensations the city conveys at different times of the year. Blue predominates in this blanket, reminding us of the wind and cold that covers the city in winter. This single sized blanket features a combination of the primary colour with black and white, an essential combination inspired by the Bauhaus movement and the principles of Modernism.

Produced: Made in Spain

Material: 100% Merino Wool

Size: 146 x 212cm